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SISAP - Support System for Determining Crop Suitability - is a programme
developed by EDIA, Alqueva’s management entity. The aim of SISAP
is to organise all the information and methods relevant in determining
the suitability of the crop to Alqueva’s catchment area, associated
with environmental sustainability and economic profitability. The suitability
(technical, economic and environmental) for one or more crops is established
according to a score of four classes: zero suitability, reduced suitability,
moderate suitability and high suitability.
The implementation zone of this programme is Alentejo, primarily the districts
of Beja and Évora, in an identified area of about 920,000 hectares.
It is possible to identify the plots that are best suited in technical, economic
and environmental terms to a specific previously selected crop, based
on the results of this programme. This programme can also assist in choosing
the location of potential agro-industrial units, since it is linked to a geographical
information system that enables it to relate crop suitability to a series of other
important parameters for such an analysis.

Recent News

EDIA provides free
geographic data

With the purpose of participate in promoting economic and social development of Alqueva region, EDIA makes available, free of charge, its geographic data.

The Land Exchange
of Alqueva
has about 1500 ha available

Plots are registered on the National Land
Exchange site, with a total area in Alqueva
of about 1500 hectares.

EDIA cooperates
with the banking sector
to support farmers

EDIA signed a cooperation agreement
with four banks, with the objective
of supporting entrepreneurs and farmers
wishing to invest in Alqueva.

Cinco Reis – Trindade Irrigation network enters into operation next irrigation season

5300 hectares of irrigation area, adds to the 68000 hectares already in operation, and it is expected the entry into operation of more 14000 hectares very soon, totaling about 88000 hectares in 2015 campaign.

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